Keynote lectures

MichelTreisman Michel Treisman will talk about: The internal clock and the structure of time perception.

Karin Bausenhart Karin Bausenhart will talk about: Mechanisms of multisensory integration in the time domain.

Ian Phillips Ian Phillips will talk about: Time perception without                 metaphors, or Down the stream of consciousness without a saddle

Julio Santiago Julio Santiago will talk about: The richness and flexibility of temporal thought across cultures, languages, and individuals

Michael Schwartze Michael Schwartze will talk about: Clockwork dysfunctions: Impaired use of temporal structure in cerebellar and basal ganglia lesion patients

Tucci Valter Tucci will talk about: Sleep, circadian rhythms and interval timing: Evolutionary strategies to time information

wing-alan Alan Wing will talk about: Coordination in group timing